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Teens Ages 16-18

  • Need to be between 16 and 18

  • Have had your permit for 6+ months

  • Have a valid Texas Learner's Permit

  • Must bring parent or guardian with you to the test

  • Complete an approved Teen Driver's Education Course (32hr of classroom and 14hr in-car instructions)

  • Have a Verification of Enrollment from school registrar

  • Must provide DE-964 or PT-964

  • 30hr Parent Log

  • Monday - Friday: $99

  • Weekend Testing: $119

  • Retakes: $59 each


*We only accept card or cash

*Payment required prior to reservation

Documents needed

(Must be completed)

Course Completion

What You Need


Please Note: 

  • If you have already processed your paperwork at the Texas DPS, you will only need to bring your learner's permit and the receipt from the DPS. 

  • The Impact Statement Certificate must be dated after the completion of the Teen Driver's Education course and within 90 days of your road test date.

Call to schedule test (512)-763-1034



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