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Teen Complete Driver's Education Packages

What's Included In These Packages?
A.K.A the, "Let Patriot Driving Take Care of Everything Package"

32 Hour Classroom

Students first start driver's ed with the 32 hour classroom. Class is for 3 consecutive weeks. Students receive a certificate on the 4th day of class that allows them to obtain a learner's license at your local DPS office.


Students start driving once they obtain their learner's permit. They will complete a total of 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of observation with us. Packages are based on how quickly you want to complete the drives. 

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Packages are based on how QUICKLY you want to finish the driving lessons

Drive times are available 7 days a week. Drives start as early as 7:30 am and go until 9:00pm

If student misses class, they will come in the next month to make it up

Students must have their permit for 6 months AND be 16 in order to get their license

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